Using RSS feeds for Internet Marketing

I ran into an article at Marketing Sherpa for the best marketing weblogs and spent some time compiling a list of feeds that I could view in my favorite feed readers Sharp Reader or Feedreader. Here is what I have so far, If you have any I missed please add them

If you have no idea what a feed reader is it is a special piece of software (both of the above are free ones) that allows you to have any updates to your favorite weblogs pushed to you instead of having to go to each website to look for updates. Believe it or not I keep up with over 200 websites and weblogs throughout the day by having Sharp Reader check all of my favorite feeds once an hour throughout the day…The info is great but wow you get a lot of info during the day. If you want to add a weblog to any program usually you will go to a site and see a little orange RSS or XML button, if you click the button you get a crazy looking text file but if you right click on the button instead you can copy the shortcut and go to your feed reader and add feed and right click in the box and select paste.

If you are using Firefox it can get even slicker I think. Install the Sage plugin and then open sage up in the sidebar and whenever you are at a site that you would like the feed from you can just click on the button in sage that adds the feed and then you will have it whenever you open that sidebar. This takes some getting used to as Sage wants you to click on the feed before you can add it. Don’t worry you will get it in no time.

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