Web Hosting Comparison: Where To Find Honest Feedback

Finding a good web host is never easy, but a web hosting comparison can make the task a whole lot simpler. If you are new to the idea of setting up a website on your own domain, hosting can be a scary subject. You have to commit to monthly or even annual payments to a company you never heard of before. The costs can be high and if you make a mistake, transferring your site to another host is a time consuming business.

Even if you have several years’ experience of web hosting, when it is time to upgrade to a different level of service you may be a little lost. Perhaps you are not entirely happy with your current hosts and feel it is time for a move. Or perhaps they do not offer the service that you are now looking for.

Of course you can find reviews of web hosts online and you may manage to track down the best website host for your needs that way. It is worth keeping in mind, however, that many web hosting companies offer a commission to anybody who refers a new customer to them. This means that the owner of the site where you are reading that favorable review of a certain hosting company could be paid for recommending them.

In many cases of course they will still give an honest review, especially if they are reviewing several web hosts side by side to provide a web hosting comparison. The best reviews will tell you some negative points along with the positive and clearly set out who will benefit from using this particular company and who will not.

Another place to find an excellent web hosting comparison is any online forum that serves internet businesses. You can ask around for which hosting companies are used by visitors to the forum and ask what they would recommend given your particular situation and needs.

There are also some dedicated forums specifically discussing website hosting where you can find criteria for a web hosting comparison. One example is Web Hosting Talk. This type of forum is an independent site where people gather to discuss their web hosting issues.

Many of the threads on these forums deal with technical matters, but you will also find a lot of threads either criticizing or praising specific web hosting companies. These can be very useful, but of course you have to bear in mind that it is only one person’s experience and often written at a time when they are most frustrated. Their experience as well as their needs and expectations may be very different than yours.

Often times representatives of the actual companies check in to this type of site and may respond to criticism. It can be very useful to see how they deal with issues here. Since you do not have a chance to see how they respond to a real technical support ticket before you sign up, this will be the best indication that you can get of whether they remain polite and helpful in the face of what can be severe and even unfair criticism from frustrated customers. This can be one of the best ways of building up a useful web hosting comparison.

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