Weekends coming, what are you doing?

With the weekend coming and summer around the corner I always think about being trapped in an open house. Are you doing open houses? Quite often if business is quiet you will do an open of your own or someone elses. Here is an idea, why not try keeping up with these new contacts using an autoresponder service.

An autoresponder is a series of messages that will go to people after they have subscribed to the service. You may or may not have seen this before and the best way to explain it is this way; Suppose someone is interested in buying and will be buying in the next week, you can tell them that you have a series of emails that will step them forward to make the right decision to buy and that there is no obligation they can read them all and call you or not. After the person has said yes and given you their email you go to your autoresponder service and enter their name. Then every day or if you wish every second day you can have a personalized message sent to the peron and with the advantage of better name recognition you will have them calling you to go look. This will give you a more loyal buyer that will perhaps not lie as often.

To set up your autoresponder you must first precreate your messages. Lets say you are going to send fice messages over fice days so every day the person will here about you. The messages may be as follows

Day 1: The entire buying process
Day 2: The pitfalls of buying before your home sells
Day 3: How to find all of the available houses (from you of course)
Day 4: How about seeing For Sale By Owner homes
Day 5: Why I am the Realtor you should use

If you look at this order you are having a tagline in every message and then a REAL call to action in the last message where you pump up your name and credentials.

If you use this system you will only have to write the articles once and then let the autoresponder take care of the sending, this way every new contact gets the same message and there is no management from your end. You can even add this directly to your website (or probably have your web guy do it for you) and you will be getting more loyal customers soon.

You may wee these two links to aweber.com, OK three links now. Aweber is the standard that everyone uses and one of the reasons for this is they are cheap and efficient. They will try to make sure that your customers Spam Blocker does not accidently catch your messages to them.

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