Why should Realtors blog?

What is a blog?
What is a weblog? Well simply put a weblog is a journal that is kept online. In it’s simplest form a weblog will have an article every day or week that says what the person is doing.

I’m not a writer, what can I write?
A great way the weblogs are now being utilized is as a marketing device that allows a person to market directly to their customer without the hassles of email or especially direct mail. A blog will help you to become a real person in the eyes of your future customers and is an opportunity to research the market and then explain it to the people you will work with. Anyone can do this and you for one should be doing this

Tone of your writing
One of the reasons that blogging should come eaily is that you should write as you speak. Use the style and type of language that you use when talking to live customers in your writing and always, always be asking questions to draw in your readers.

Subjects to blog about
Just off the top of my head I can tell you what kind of information can be included in these weblog articles: info on new market trends, personal achievements, buyer and seller success stories, personal stories to personalize yoou to youor public. How else can you do this? With a website you would have to update it often and a weblog is built for this so there is no hassle. With direct mail such as newsletters you would have a high cost to send and a time lag to customer seeing it where with a weblog it is instantly accessible and free to post, and finally with email newsletters you have to keep track of a list and if you sent to them every day you would run into trouble with keeping a good list when everyone is being buried by your emails and think of them as spam.

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