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Take some time looking around at other Realtor websites and see what maybe you are missing. I know quite often I get so focussed on my own site that I forget about looking around at what else may be effective. I spent some time looking at other weblogs (none Real Estate related) this morning and realized that I have no other weblog links on this weblog or many book reviews. I will try to change that.

You will probably see a few things that are missing when you look at other Realtor sites, some do or don’t have a link to the local MLS system which seems to be pretty important and the best sites have a common theme that run through them, same font, same page layouts, pictures in the same place.

The most important thing though on a Realtor site is branding it as your own, I have mentioned this before but write as you speak and if you want to be different than the other 1,000,000 Realtors in North America than make sure that you have a message throughout that shows why you are different than everyone else. Are you different becase of your background or your eductaion, or your life experiences, or your systems in your real estate business

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