Local SEO and your Realtor Business

Local SEO and your small business

Internet marketing is not only about selling products all over the world: you can also use the internet to bring more people to your Realtor Website. Read this article for more details on local search engine optimization techniques.

Find out more about target location. As a Realtor, focus your attention on the local community. If your business is based online, you need to find a location where you are likely to find your typical customers. Do some research about one location at a time: you can expand your campaign to different locations you can are successful with your first target. Take the time to do some research, get to know people and make sure you will be able to easily sell your products in this location.

Bring People to Your Site

You can use a URL redirecting service to take your visitors to different homepages in function of their I.P. addresses. Design each different homepage so that content related to a community and to local events is displayed. Feature reviews from local customers, pictures or videos from local events and exchange links with local businesses. Take the time to create quality content for each different homepage and test these pages to make sure your potential customers do not run into any kind of issues when they are redirected to a local page.

Adapt your SEO techniques to your local strategy by using the location as a strong keyword. Remember that you are targeting people who are looking up a certain product followed by the name of their location. Place this location in your content, your titles, URLs, anchor text for your links and Meta description.

You can get a lot of attention from local customers by creating viral videos about the community. Take part in local events and take videos and pictures of local people. Share your videos on social networks and on YouTube with the name the location as a keyword. Soon, local customers will be sharing your video with their friends and your business will become a popular topic.

Create a blog to write about local issues and feature posts from local bloggers. Find popular topics and stay as neutral as possible to appeal to a large audience. Share your content on local news sites and get featured on popular local blogs or sites if possible.

Use Google Places to list your Real Estate office but more importantly your own self. Include contact information, pictures and encourage your customers to go write a review of your business on this site. You can also use social networks to create local pages and encourage your customers to ‘check in’ when they visit your office or interact with you at local events.

You could offer a free service to encourage customers to ‘check in’ on Facebook or FourSquare for instance.

Developing a good local SEO strategy means you can connect with your audience and create marketing campaigns that truly correspond to your customers. Select your locations carefully and apply these tips for excellent local results.

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