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Why Your Brand is All the Realtor Online Marketing You Need

I see a lot of Realtors doing realtor online marketing but still using the old idea of unbranded websites. I know that they are very popular and lots of companies are willing to sell you on the idea of being a "information provider" but really having an unbranded Realtor website is a bad idea. Why have an Unbranded Realtor Website On the surface unbranded may look like the way to go. The idea is that all you are really offering to people is … [Read More...]


Infographic on Realtor Internet Leads

This is a great infographic on the power of internet leads but also on the immediacy of following up. Back when I was a full time Realtor I always found that the follow up time was critical. If you call one day and the buyer or seller is not interested then you may find that they will list the next week. No one really knows how quickly a given person will take to decide that this is the time. The magic is the series of followups. According … [Read More...]


Tips for Making Your Realtor Site Viral

It's not every day that you'll be able to climb in the rankings via Google, Bing and all the other popular search engines. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be trying every day to make big strides. Use the tips in the article below to help you climb the proverbial ladder in your niche. Social Media If you had to give a short, definitive answer when asked why social media sites are so insanely popular, you may choose to go with a word … [Read More...]


Using Facebook in Your Realtor Marketing

Facebook’s popularity with Internet users has run into the millions since its acceptance of anyone with a valid email address in 2006. Most members play games, update their profiles and upload photos or videos for their friends to view. While planting crops on Farmville, drinking virtual coffee in the cafe or beating off snakes in FrontierVille is addicting, Facebook can also be a powerful marketing tool for Internet marketers. Marketers, … [Read More...]

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Local SEO and your Realtor Business

Local SEO and your small business Internet marketing is not only about selling products all over the world: you can also use the internet to bring more people to your Realtor Website. Read this article for more details on local search engine optimization techniques. Find out more about target location. As a Realtor, focus your attention on the local community. If your business is based online, you need to find a location where you are … [Read More...]

Life as a Realtor

Real Estate Business Planning

Real estate business isn't something you dive into nose first and worry about what to do later; that's a surefire way of failing from the start. On the contrary, it is something which should be approached only once you have a careful and well thought-out plan under your hand. Needless to say, the exact plan which you are going to make will be very subjective, but regardless of that there are some steps which you can take to ease the whole process … [Read More...]

Why Followup is your most important tool

As a solo-entrepreneur home staging business owner I know that sometimes there just does not seem like enough time in the day to get everything done. And since we should be spending about 60 - 80% on marketing and selling, how can we get it all done? Well over the years I have developed a simple 3 step follow-up system that doesn't take a lot of time. It has helped me grow my home staging business and more importantly, lead to new clients who … [Read More...]

How to Make Your Home Ready To Sell

Consumers and Home Owners - Before you put your home on the market, make sure you read the following home improvement ideas recommended by St Louis real estate agents and how you can spruce up the old place without spending a complete fortune. Heat Up Your Kitchen Depending on your budget, why not start with the less expensive type of replacements that will make your old kitchen look like new. Remember, this is probably one of the … [Read More...]

How to Protect the Realtors Voice

A lawyer has his briefs and his arguments. A basketball player needs a basketball and a plumber uses a snake to clear a drain. What do these professionals (who get paid a lot of money) all have in common? Without one specific tool, they cannot do their job properly. In addition, if that tool is not in tiptop working condition -- their job will become more difficult, if not impossible to perform! Realtors are Public Speakers Well, guess … [Read More...]

How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year

How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year is a very realistic approach to a wide-open field. The author defines devotion to a profession and lists the steps that translate into spectacular money. This book can keep beginning agents from spinning their wheels and show those already in the business how to make opportunities to succeed. This is the only business where you wake up every morning unemployed and your … [Read More...]

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Realtor Tools

Taking Real Estate Seminar Notes

Do you remember the last real estate seminar you attended? While you were there you were probably exposed to some new marketing or selling techniques. How much of what you learned that day have you actually started using? Do you even know where you put those Real Estate Seminar Notes you took? If you're like most of us, you took good notes and had every intention of coming home and putting some of the good ideas to use. But then, after … [Read More...]

Why Do Realtors Need Technology?

Using technology effectively is a low cost, high impact way to control and increase your business. This past summer I had a unique opportunity to review my business and in particular my use of technology. I left the company I had been with since 1997 and dissolved a 7+ year business partnership. In making these two major changes, I took a couple of months off from real estate sales. Taking this time off was a unique opportunity for me to review … [Read More...]

Top 10 Online Real Estate Tools

Lifehacker today has a great story for Realtors although it is really pointed towards home buyers and sellers. The article describes 10 tools, including Zillow of course, that help people get through the buying and selling of reale estate. … [Read More...]

Big Changes at Canadian MLS site

Here in Canada we have been looking forward to a big change in the way that the Canadian MLS site was going to be presenting listings. The changes are now live. So what kinds of changes would be ground breaking to you? Here in Canada the MLS is now mapped with Microsoft Virtual Earth and you can now very quickly see listings on a map with a pop up pic with basic info on the property. For those that just want to see a list of properties … [Read More...]

How to make web 2.0 work for you

I just ran across an article on social marketing (you know the non web 2.0 buzzwordInfluential Interactive Marketing: 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)There are a lot of tips on this page on how to get your site recognized  and none of them are the good content variety tip.  Most of the tips revolve around making things easy for your visitors to remember your site and let others know about it too. This is a great read and even … [Read More...]

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