Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are a very hot topic in the internet marketing scene. What a squeeze page is is a page that is built to get someone to take an action. You have a newsletter but if visitors to your site are not subscribing to it enough for your liking so what you do is on each page of your site you … [Read more...]

Windows XP Tech Support Site

You may have noticed that I have another site listed down the side of this weblog. The site is Windows XP Technical Support for Home Users. I have been working with computers for a long long time and doing computer support for about 10 years. One thing that I find that people seem to have a lot of … [Read more...]

Introductions may be necessary

I would like to let you know who I am and what I am doing with this weblog. My name is Bill Nadraszky. I was a Realtor a few years ago for three years and left the industry to persue my passion for computers and the internet. I was not the greatest Realtor but was always intrigued with the … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing in 2005

I am looking out at the most popular Realtor websites in my area and I do not like what I see. Where to start? The sites are promoting the Realtors well, they seem to have charities listed on the home page that the Realtor supports and they all have pictures of the Realtor themselves...well most of … [Read more...]