Classified ads, 800 numbers and Realtors

Classified ads although a completely offline method of advertising can still be a great way to bring people to your website.

As I have mentioned on the website you as a Realtor should have a great domain name that will bring people in based on its relevance. A great example of this is my moms first website at When I set this up years ago I didn’t care that it was not a real estate specific name but now I cringe not only when I look at it but also when I think of the lost opportunity of a name. I have registered a new site as which is a much more “real estate” type name and now we will see how it marches up the search engines. But this is all a little off topic.

A great way to use classified ads is by looking at your Google adwords campaign and after trying different ads for how well they hit drop that exact add in to a local newspaper in a few relevant classified areas and not only include your regular phone number but your 1-800 number as well. You do have a 1-800 number don’t you?

Your 1-800 number is only set up as a non threatening bridge between you and your future customers to try and soften the ground let them hear your voice with a great quick message or simple information and a catch to get them to leave their name and number for more information. This is a lot like a squeeze page on the internet but more on that tomorrow.

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