Big Changes at Canadian MLS site

Here in Canada we have been looking forward to a big change in the way that the Canadian MLS site was going to be presenting listings. The changes are now live.

So what kinds of changes would be ground breaking to you? Here in Canada the MLS is now mapped with Microsoft Virtual Earth and you can now very quickly see listings on a map with a pop up pic with basic info on the property. For those that just want to see a list of properties available on the map will see a sidebar on the right with all of the listing in the window.

I am sure that we will see changes soon at the site but at this point the Canada site is so much better than anything else that I have seen that it is hard to compare.

What do you guys think? Have you checked out the Canadian MLS site? How do you like it?


  1. says

    So many have complained about the newest map based search feature they all wanted so badly as being ineffective and lament the loss of the grid system w01 w02 etc., But I think the biggest difference is anew learning curve.

    I still remind readers that the enhancement to still only contains 80 to 85% of the entire database that is available thru an agents portal.

    But for the voyeuristic aspect TWO thumbs up!

    David Pylyp

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