Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are a very hot topic in the internet marketing scene. What a squeeze page is is a page that is built to get someone to take an action. You have a newsletter but if visitors to your site are not subscribing to it enough for your liking so what you do is on each page of your site you offer some kind of freebie. Lets say on your buyers page you can offer to send the kind of listings that the person is looking for (if your MLS offers the service this may be very very easy to do) or maybe on a page for sellers you could offer a free download of a “Make more money be properly preparing your home to sell”.

It is great to offer something for free but the way you use this is by offering these freebies only if the visitors subscribe to your newsletter. How do you do this? The besy way is to have your website developer have a name for each form so that you can email the free gift based on which form is sent to you.

The additional advantage to these kind of squeeze pages is that you will know what interest is bringing your customers in, this way you can send slightly different newsletters to each group and therefore you will be relating better to buyers, sellers, investors and even breaking down to first time buyers or move down buyers.

The best way to create a squeeze page is to have a page with a form on it that the person will need to give you their name an email address. After they give this information to you they will automatically be given whatever it is. Be it a CMA or a free report or a newsletter. Again if you want to make the most of this make sure you give each of these forms a different name so that you will get an idea of what the interests are of the people filling these out and be able to target them better later

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