Realtor Newsletter emailing tips

I am working o a nice simple way to send out individual Realtor newsletter emails. This way you can have your regular Realtor newsletter that you send out once a month. Post your Realtor newsletter on your website and then have a method to send out one off Realtor newsletters in between emailouts. This seems like a good method.

1. Make sure that your newsletter is in your website
2. Go to the page and click anywhere on the page and hold down the ctrl key and the “a” key at the same time, this highlights the entire page.
3. now that the whole page is highlighted hold down the ctrl key and while doing this click the “c” key on the keyboard, this copies the page to the clipboard (an invisible storage on the computer)
4. Open up an email and click in the message part of the email and now hold down the ctrl key again and while holding it click the “v” key, this will paste the page onto your email.

Now you will have an email mesage with your newsletter embedded into it. There are only three steps once your Realtor newsletter is there so try this out a couple of times and I think you will be happy with this nice easy way to give something to your buyers and sellers.

One thing to be aware of is that none of the links may not work in the email unless you are using Word as your email editor in Outlook. I have not been able to test in Outlook express.

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