Local Search Marketing

Local Search is a real buzzword and you need to take advantage of it as a Realtor. As many people reading this blog may know my mother is a Realtor here in the Calgary area and whenever we are talking about building up her traffic through adwords or just by targeting keywords I always tell  her that the most important thing she can do is hit the subdivision keywords.

Of course in Google Adwords you are using a small area to focus your efforts you would not be going after “buying a house” for the entire country as no one outside of your geographical are would really care. So instead you just focus on your own area to advertise to. What about though the smaller terms? How about a keyword like “buy in <subdivision>” where you use each of the subdivisions in your local city. There should be 100 or so keywords there. And how about your landing pages? Are you landing people on a page with listings and info on the subdivision that they live in now or in the future?

Local search marketing for Realtors is really all about giving people Google but inside their town. No kind of national or international info but instead stuff only relevant to where they live or want to live

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