Facebook Fanpage Tips

Increasingly, companies, TV shows, including Internet sites use Facebook pages to air their products or services, as well as gain more users and interact with them more directly.

Facebook Fan Page 5 Facebook Fanpage Tips

1. Create custom tabs Custom Ads.

Promote your trade name page is very important. One of the major features of the new pages of Facebook is that you can link directly to specific tabs. That means you have the possibility of setting up what pages users access based on default Ad in which they have clicked. For example, perhaps you would like to point to two groups of users in different geographic locations. Could you show an advertisement to citizenries in Buenos Aires and those users will land on the user’s specific page of Buenos Aires. A Different page will show for those who come from elsewhere.

While this system is not necessarily the most scalable (for example, have 50 flaps does not make sense), can positively determine the conversion of some visitants into fans. This method also commands dropping a little more customization, but I think it is necessary for brands and small companies.

2. Do not let the users fall in the Wall.

Why is that? Well, I think the most likely to encounter things that interest you. It is a good opportunity to present good info to these new users, although the information provided by the existing fans can be interesting, you have no control over it. So it is better than new visitants from entering an area moderated info and then proceed to pilot the rest of the most dysfunctional.

Yes, the wall may be very valuable to allow users to intercommunicate with you, your brand, but unfiltered waters are the last place you should let the new user to navigate. Give them a safe entering into the murky waters we call “social media” and will thank you.

3. Integrates practical applications to increase the connection.

The last thing you want to happen is that users enter in our site and go away immediately. The biggest chance we have to capture their intense curiosity is through striking applications. There are about 55,000 applications on Facebook platform and a large part of them can be placed directly on your site for fans. In the coming weeks there will be many applications that are built from the new API, which will make it easier for brands to launch relatively attractive Facebook pages in hours.

For larger brands, I recommend to develop a more full bodied experience for the user. Games, tests, and any other dynamic content in general can help keep users longer on your site. As you know, we live in care economy, which means you want to get the best possible customer care. One thing you should make sure, is that your application has a call to action, so that when the user lands on your site is immediately attracted.

4. Post interesting and relevant content.

Like other areas of social media is very important to provide interesting content for your readers. Facebook is no different. Mentioning to relevant content regularly, your fans will keep returning to your page. While pulling repeat visitants is not the most important component of the fan pages, repeat the connection with them is easily the second most important thing. In virtual economic systems, one of the most effective measurements is the repetition of use. Factbook pages and other digital channels of content are no different. Returning users to your website on a regular basis, are those most likely to become giving customers.

More importantly, users returning to your Facebook are more likely to remain customers. The bottom line is that a Facebook page that is equal to all, you are not doing your company any favors. Yes, having some presence is better than nothing, but if you take the time to say this guidebook please make a little extra effort and create an attractive page.

So how do you find interesting content?.
I will not go into great detail about finding interesting content, you should be able to find relevant content for your readers by doing a search on Google Blogsearch, and accompany it with an RSS reader like Google Reader. Typically assume that most readers of this land site know what RSS is, but if so, is simply a way to read the content of sites without having to visit them all individually. Unfortunately, finding interesting content, takes time.

5. Update content regularly.

While it is very important to monitor the conversation that users have with the pages of your brand, it is also important to help revive the dialogue. By including questions for users, make new matters in discussion forums and other activities that bring forth the interaction, and cause users to keep coming into your Facebook page. This is a concept similar to post blog entries regularly (which can be automatically brought in into your Facebook fan page) in your company’s blog.

As I have accented the importance of content quality and attractiveness of your fans, the most important thing is perseverance. Unless you keep trying to attract to your fans on a regular basis and pursue composing interesting content, you will find it difficult to draw in new fans made continuously.

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