Hubpages for Realtor Backlinks

There is a great new site out that will allow you to add another great backlink to your real estate arsenal and that site is

Hubpages is one of the new breed of social networking sites that allows you to add an article and with that article you will be reated by all of the other people that have pages on the site as well. I have an idea, as usual, of a strategy that you can use to add help to your site by ranking well with Hubpages.

First of all create your real estate specific page and make sure that on that page you mention your city and real estate. Make sure there are six of so of this phrase and that the content that you have on the page is very good content for a home buyer or seller without the hint of salesmanship but at the end of that article refer back to your website with a link. You can, if you like create the text in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into your hub. Try to make the article around 600-700 words.

After you have created your hub and have a page name for it then go to your stumbleupon account (you have one I am guessing, right?) and add your page to stumbleupon. After you have done this add it to delicious and go to pingoat and ping with your page name and the address, skip the xml page as you do not have that with a hubpage.

Hubpages are good in that they give you stats that you can see how many visitors that you have and where they have come from so once you start getting Google traffic to your hubpage you know that you are getting another link to your website from hubpages which is of course what we are all striving for to raise the Google ranking for your home page as well as to get traffic to our site from a page that will rank high in Google and therefore get more traffic directly to your site.

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