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One of the pages that you always need to have on your website is an about me page

Why do prospects visit your About me page?

I think it’s to learn about you.

I’m sure many will disagree, but I believe this is the place where people go to learn a little more about a person they think they might want do business with.

Do they want to know how many designations you have or how many homes you’ve sold lately? Perhaps.

Do they want to know how you’ll market their home if they list with you? Of course – but that information belongs on a sellers page.

Do they want to know that you keep your buyers informed of new listings, and that you answer your phone or return calls in a timely fashion? Of course – but this too belongs on a different page.

When prospects visit your about me page, it’s because they want to know who you are.

They want to see something that reflects your attitude toward life, your community, and your profession. Instead of filling this page with a sales pitch, I believe this is the place to share a bit of your past history – the things you’ve done that taught you the skills that are so valuable in real estate – such as listening and problem solving.

I’ve found, in writing bios for a variety of agents, that even a brand new agent can use this page to show prospects why he or she is the agent to use. By pulling in past experiences and present attitudes, it’s possible to showcase those talents and skills that appeal to buyers and sellers.

The agent bio you place on your about me page is also your opportunity to share who you are when you aren’t wearing your real estate hat – and that’s important.

About me page has information that allows your prospects to see that you are somehow “like them.”

This is where you can mention your hobbies, your family, your pets, and your volunteer work. You don’t have to go into detail about it, but by mentioning those things you offer your prospects a “hook” that they can grab onto when they’re looking for an agent who shares their values and beliefs.

You probably already know that “dog people” are naturally drawn to other dog lovers, and that golfers like to talk to other golfers.

The hook your prospects might find in your agent bio could be something as common as enjoying a football game or as unusual as collecting antique fishing rods. But whatever it is, it gives your prospects a reason to feel a connection to you.

And that connection can be the first step in building a relationship of trust.

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