Buying Leads

After writing about ways to get leads from search engine traffic a couple of days ago I realized that there is another way to get leads that I have never covered before and that is buying leads. I searched around and was able to eventually find some great information that I wanted to share.

One of the issues that you can run into as a Realtor is that there are large national websites that have buyers come to them everyday for information. What these sites do is farm out the leads to local Realtors through a pay for lead system. This I believe is a great way to supplement the number of buyer or seller leads that you are getting as a Realtor.

The leading company that supplies online leads is called Proquest. Proquest offers a free email course on how to get new leads through their system and some tips on how to close them. The online course also offers a lot of great tips like the following:

  • Developing a large listing inventory almost overnight!

  • Listing FSBOs one-after-another (without touching the phone!)

  • Drawing qualified buyers out of the woodwork

  • Effectively listing or re-listing Expireds

  • Presenting your truly unique advantage to sellers

  • Getting to the Move Up prospect first (before your competitor)

  • Automating so you’re focused on the $400 an hour work

  • Targeting renters qualified to buy and getting them to call you

  • Reducing your marketing expenses by 30%-50%

  • Simple tricks to increasing sign and sign rider calls

It costs nothing to check out this information and after going through the course myself I have found it quite interesting and the emails only come twice a week so it is not going to fill your inbox.

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