Weblog Updates

I have been a little quiet lately. I have to apologize for that but I have been working hard on two fronts. I have been putting together my internet marketing ebook and that is stealing quite a bit of time and as well I have been trying to finalize a few other projects I have been working on. If you … [Read more...]

Ramblings about the internet

Last night I was sitting at my computer writing a review for a Realtor Internet marketing book and just before I was about to post the review I stopped and looked through the review. As I was reading the review I realized that the book itself was more about selling the book than it was about helping … [Read more...]

I am back after a short break

Sorry about the last few days. I have been doing some work with my weblogs to improve the speed and performance of them by switching to a different database structure. Also this weekend was my 39th birthday so I was held a bit captive by my family and kids celebrating and being a bit more of a dad … [Read more...]

Use Good manners in your Realtor Weblog

I just found this article about weblogs by Jim Edwards, one of the top copywriters today: Blogging, the hottest trend in online publishing right now, is currently spreading like wildfire across the Internet. A cross between an online journal and a bulletin board, everyone from rock starts, … [Read more...]