Loyal Blog readers matter

Why is it that I always find such good content on Seth Godin’s blog? Seth wrote an article today about how the future is going to be the loyal reader of the blog. Seth’s Blog: The noisy tragedy of the blog commons basically explains how when we have unlimited content and lots of noise(crap posts) we will see that eventually the blogs that survive will be the blogs with loyal readers. The idea of the loyal reader is true and although we may be a couple or more years away from this it is impoortant to realize that your blog has to have you drawing a line in the sand and giving your readers content that they are looking for. If your readers do not find the content they are looking for in your blog then they will be someone elses readers soon enough.

To add a little more drama and meaning to this Rupert Murdoch, one of the most powerful men in publishing said yesterday that the end is near for the media baron thanks to the internet.

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