Promotional Gifts for Customers

Promotional gifts are useful and charming items that display the name and contact information of a company or organization. These gifts can work for a business or organization on a number of levels.

First of all, they simply and effectively advertise a business. They can be given to existing customers along with the purchase of various products or with various sales or promotions.

Often, being useful items, these promotional gifts then stay with the customer for an extended period. Each time the customer uses the product, he or she sees the name or logo. In addition friends and family of the customer may use the item and thus become familiar with your business name as well. All of this serves quite effectively to attract new customers.

Another way promotional gifts work to benefit a business or nonprofit is to make their employees happy. Incentive gifts can be given to employees when they are hired or as they progress up the ranks of the company.

This gives employees a sense of belonging to the company or organization: they make them feel appreciated. Happy employees increase productivity and general organizational well being.

Organizations and charities have other goals. Not profit but rather public attention and donations.

The more people who become concerned with their cause and informed about their work, the more quickly that cause may be realized. Promotional items serve this purpose quite well. Circulating useful items among people and getting the organization’s name and cause seen attracts interest and donations.

10 promotional gift ideas

Promotional Pens

One of the most common and popular promotional items, pens get you noticed. Almost everyone uses pens on an ongoing basis and uses them often. So brand promotion and recognition organization happens quickly with pens.

Logo Printed Toys

Toys of all sorts are wonderful promotional items. They communicate a sense of family values on the part of an organization and have a friendly feel to them.

Promotional Mugs

Coffee mugs are another time honored and excellent promotional item. Again, they are used on a daily basis and are appreciated and familiar to many people.

Clocks and Watches

Clocks and watches are not only common items looked at several times a day, but also have a sense of value. Even if they are not expensive, they may appear to be so.

Promotional Tools

Tools such as flashlights or screwdrivers may not be used as often as other items, but they make up for this by communicating an especially high sense of usefulness.

Promotional Sweets

Candy cheers people up. Though it doesn’t have the long lasting quality of some other promotional items, it is such a fun type of gift that even in a short time it can have a lot of promotional clout.


Cameras are a high value promotional gift item that makes people see a company as generous. They may be somewhat more expensive than some other promotional items but the cost is usually not prohibitive.

Calendars and Planners

Calendars and planners are cheap, have long term visibility, and are widely seen and used year round.

Promotional Bags

These include handbags, shopping bags, suitcases, briefcases, and the like. Here you have not only a useful gift but one that is associated with certain activities, namely traveling and shopping. People involved in these activities are generally in an active mindset and that can have obvious advantages.

Other people see them as they go from place to place similar to a walking billboard.


Hats are fun to wear and to show to others. They are a great promotional item because someone wearing a hat essentially shows the company or organization name or logo to everyone they meet throughout the day.

In selecting promotional gifts, a business or organization needs to think in terms of good quality for the lowest price. Good quality items last the longest and communicate integrity and value. Usually the best place to buy promotional items is from online suppliers with low overhead.

In the internet age, there are a wide range of suppliers to choose from. Look for the right quality to price balance from an online supplier and your promotional efforts will be best rewarded.

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