Copywriting – vary your type

Michel Fortin is a fantastic web copywriter that I believe has very important things to say as far as how the text on a web page should look. Micheal is one ofthe big proponents of those big long sales pages that you have probably seen a lot in the past. I am not sure if I agree with him on that but I do not want to digress too far from what his post today was about.

One of the thing that Web usability experts preach is consistent look to all web pages. Micheal says that one of the really impoortant things that you can do is to change your font by bolding, italicising and changing colors of fonts to make your point. I am not talking here about just making ugly pages but it is important to use text in such a way that you can set the tone and get your message across.

Making these changes makes it a little harder for your readers, they can not now just skim over the words but you can now do a better job of getting your message across

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