Preparing your house to sell Book for Home buyers

Here is a great book that you can drop to your listings. If you use this as an intro to what it takes to get your house sold then perhaps it will show better as it is written in a way to not offend but is targeted to let sellers know what kind of a difference a house that shows well is. Here is a quote from the writer on how it can help your business.

15 Reasons why PREPARE YOUR HOUSE TO SELL is an excellent giveaway for your Home Sellers:

1. With a staged house, you will be confident and proud to show the house to potential buyers, because you know it is ready to be sold.

2. You can move houses FAST by having them prepared for showings. A staged home will not languish in the market for months, but typically sells in days–and it usually sells at near or above asking price.

3. It’s a superb marketing tool. You can further personalize the book (which is available in Microsoft Word format) by inserting your client’s name, a picture of their house (with the word “SOLD” overlapping it), your company logo and contact information.

4. This book will help you do everything you can to garner offers whether it’s a hot seller’s market or a slow one.

5. Your home sellers are introduced to the concept of home staging, and it is written in an engaging, but very understandable style.

6. The book provides step-by-step instructions and even tells sellers when it is better to check with you before making a change to the house.

7. You don’t have to be afraid of hurting your clients’ feelings. The book tells them the hard truth about what must be done to entice potential buyers into making an offer (let the book be the “bad guy” and not you!).

8. You can customize the book by adding your own anecdotes, tips, photos and other information. It’s available in Word for your editing pleasure!

9. When they come to your for assistance, you can copy pages of it for your customers or even give them a copy of the entire book.

10. Because you know that a staged house sells faster and for more money, you will have happy clients who will recommend you to their friends and family.

11. Because a staged house sells faster, you do not have to ask your seller to lower their asking price.

12. Since most home sellers can do the staging themselves, this giveaway book introduces your home sellers to the basics that will help improve the way their houses look to potential buyers. And if a professional home stager is needed, you can easily recommend one without having to convince them of the need.

13. Establish a presence in the lucrative Hispanic market. You can even have it translated in any language and I can tell you where to get it cheap!

14. This book will help your customers open their imaginations and make their houses more appealing to potential buyers.

15. By encouraging your clients to use the book as a guide, you save yourself time and hassle in telling them every single thing they can do to fix up their houses.

Prepare Your House To Sell is definitely your one-stop, comprehensive guide to helping sellers prepare their houses for sale. And the faster the house sells, the better!

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