Realtor Social Bookmarking site

After writing the post a few days ago on social bookmarking I sat up half the night thinking about what is good and bad about sites like delicious or digg or slashdot and then it hit me:

These news and social bookmarking sites are the kind of sites that I like because they are more about technology than anything else.They do not differentiate anyting more than the yellow pages with ranking and social trust would.

So I decided that maybe it was time for a new kind of website and I believe that I may have created an entirely new kind of community site that pieces of which have laways been around but all has never been thrown together. I have built a Realtor social bookmarking site just for the industry itself.

Now I have been playing with this idea for a few days but here is how it would work. Just like any existing bookmarking site you can go and see what other people find interesting, but unlike any other bookmarking site the tags that you use would be real estate related so a tag of “books” would just be Real estate books, a tag of directory would be only realtor directories, a tag of weblog would only be for realtor related weblogs.

If you want to do more than just view and you would like to add sites…maybe your own for example or others that you can not live without then you just create an account by putting in your name, username you would like, password and your email address (only for retrieving your password if you forget it) and you can immediately post your sites, tagged how you wish and you will become a part of the community as easy as that.

Come and visit the site, I am just now getting some sites in there so that there is some organization to how the site is unfolding but it is much more everyones site than just mine.

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