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The end of the month is right around the corner and over the next week or two all of the MLS’s across north america will be be posting the Real Estate sales and listing stats as well as the average prices. What a gold mine of information to use and reuse.

One of the main things that all news organizations as well as yourself as a Realtor and content publisher is to to find the news that people will be interested in reading. The day that the local real estate stats come out you will hear about it on the radio and probably on TV. Wow, TV that is something else for another post.

Anyway this is your chance to get your name out there. Here are a few ways that you can rewrite that info to use and where to use it:

Blog Posts – Of course you can write a post about what has happened over that last month with your own couple of sentences of opinion and talk a bit about what will be coming up.

Newsletter – I know that I help with my mom sending out a newsletter a couple of days into the month and the two things we really wait on is the Real Estate sales stats and the latest mortgage rates. This is a great reason to communicate with past and future clients.

Press Releases – This is really underutilized but with a press release you can rank high in Google for a day. Did you know that if you send out a press release with the right keywords than Google will count it as news?

News Story – You can write a short writeup about your view on the latest market stats and email or fax to the business section of the local newspapers. This could then be added into the news story for the latest real estate market stats. You need to get this out within minutes or the hour of the stats being released though.

Article Marketing – You can use the same write-up that you used for the newsletter or the press release and post it to ezine articles with a link back to your site. This could give you a real change to get a lot of links back to your own site and raise your search engine rankings

These are just three ways that you can use the info but you should be well aware that at the beginning of the month you can do this every month for additional exposure. This will also make you more aware of other news stories that you can use to help you get info out as a Realtor that can really get you noticed by potential buyers.

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